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Access to

Basic Services

by strengthening democratic

local government

What is the most visible role of local governments worldwide? It is the provision of basic services, like good sanitation, clean drinking water and regular garbage collection. The impact on the quality of life, and even life expectancy, is enormous.


Yet, for various reasons, in many countries local governments are not capable of fulfilling their responsibilities. Their mandate may not be well-defined, their staff may not have the necessary technical or policy-making capacity to make services accessible and affordable, also for vulnerable groups, or systems for cost-recovery and as a result maintenance are lacking. Apart from the immediate effects, this will also negatively influence the prospects for economic development and lessen people’s confidence in local democracy. Strengthening the capacity of local governments to improve access to basic public services is therefore an important element in our portfolio.




Benin, Land Administration Modernisation Project  (PMAF)

01-12-2018 / 30-11-2022

donor: Royal Netherlands Embassy in Benin; Agence Nationale du Domaine et du Foncier (ANDF)

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): MDF Training & Consultancy; Kadaster International



Benin, Assistance Technique pour le Programme OmiDelta

01-10-2017 / 30-06-2021

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands




Burundi, IDEAL Country Programme

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donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands



Egypt, UELDP Implementation Support Consultants

01-02-2019 / 31-12-2021

donor: Ministry of Local Development in Egypt

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): CID consulting; MDF Training & Consultancy



Ethiopia, Water Pricing for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

01-09-2018 / 31-08-2024

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): Woord en Daad; Dutch Water Authorities; Eijkelkamp B.V.



Jordan, Cities Implementing Transparent Innovative and Effective Solutions (CITIES)

25-09-2016 / 24-09-2021

donor: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)




Libya, Local Pilots Project

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01-04-2018 / 31-03-2021

donor: European Commission



PLATFORMA Specific Grant Agreement SGA 2

01-03-2019 / 28-02-2021

donor: European Commission



World, Deployment of External Expertise - Support Facility Water and Environment

01-03-2019 / 01-03-2023

donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands

CONSORTIUM PARTNER(S): Trinomics (lead), Profundo,

VNG International.