Annual Update 2021 VNG International


Grantees under the first call for proposals holding up their grant contracts during R4CR’s kick-off



R4CR’s Team Leader, Mr. Rolf Hunink, presenting the programme’s set-up during an information campaign in

August 2020


‘On behalf of the Netherlands we are very happy that the R4CR program is taking place

and congratulate the NGOs who received a grant to execute their project.’

Mr. Chris Johnson,

Head of the Representation of the Netherlands in St. Maarten



‘R4CR directly supports Civil Society Organizations by funding local initiatives. The project will allow these CSOs to continue their commitment in tackling poverty, championing environmental protection, taking care of the elderly, investing in day-care and after school programs, violence prevention, and much more.’

Mr. Claret Connor,

Director of the National Recovery Program Bureau in St Maarten



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Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities

by strengthening democratic local government


Featured Project

Sint Maarten, Resources

for Community Resilience (R4CR) programme


Following hurricane Irma, which hit St Maarten severely in September 2017, the Netherlands government allocated € 550 million for reconstruction support to St Maarten. A total of € 470 million has been committed to a trust fund administered by the World Bank. Support is dedicated to reconstruction and improving public service delivery, public order and infrastructure, and community development. A modest part of the US$ 7.2 million was granted to start an aid programme aiming to support and strengthen civil society on Sint Maarten. This Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR) programme is implemented by VNG International. The main aim of R4CR is to strengthen the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and support implementation of reconstruction and resilience projects at the community level. Under the programme, civil society organizations are invited to submit proposals for projects benefitting local communities and strengthening the society. In addition, they will receive support in managing and monitoring their project and will be offered a platform for exchange and cooperation with other organisations.


The R4CR programme implementation formally started in July 2020 and quickly launched a call for project proposals to be funded as soon as possible. In October 2020 the programme had received 33 applications for support for community projects. Ultimately, twelve projects covering a diverse number of subject areas were selected for financing and implementation. On 18 November, the formal launch of R4CR was organized through a zoom session where each Grantee had a one-minute ‘pitch’ to explain their project.



Results achieved:


  • R4CR start-up operations completed (local team composition, Website and social media, office accomodation, field visits, COVID-19 measures, etc.);
  • Support, monitoring and coaching has been delivered to organizations which planned to submit a proposal for the first round of project applications;
  • Assessment and final selection of 12 proposals covering sectors such as:
  • Community support;
  • Sports and recreation;
  • Environment and sustainability;
  • Psyco-social and emotional support;
  • First trainings on project management organised to the grantees of the first round of grant projects.


A second call was launched early 2021 and a third call for project proposals is being prepared.