Annual Update 2021 VNG International


Poem by Mr. U Thurein Zaw, Community Facilitator,

Department of Rural Development.


I do not see anyway, thorn on the ground.

It was dark in the middle of the night, difficulty walking.


Now we want all to see it. We don't think we're tired.

Together with the community, committee and the CDD, things changed.


Clear and cheerful,

If you see it clearly because we are happy, if you look forward to it.


The night is as bright as the moon,

the courtyard is straight.




Ms. Ohn Mar Khaing, Communication, Gender and Social Accountability Specialist.



‘The village lights are on, the village and

our lives are safe.’


Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities

by strengthening democratic local government


Featured Project

Myanmar, National Community Driven Development Project


The National Community Driven Development Project (NCDDP) supports and enables poor rural communities to better access sustainable local government services. It aims at strengthening vulnerable communities to become more resilient, also in conflict affected areas, through community-driven infrastructure projects and introducing gender and social inclusion in community leadership.
The project has come to an abrupt end after the military coup of February 1st, 2021, posing a serious threat for the well-being of people and damaging the carefully built relationship between government and citizens.


VNG International worked in five townships under this programme. Results achieved:


  • In Shwegyin Township our team supported the implementation of a Cash-for-Work programme that provides jobs for unemployed people as a government response to assist vulnerable communities affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.
    We were able to reach 893 households, being 4375 people.
  • 30 Township Technical Assistance staff have been recruited and trained to capacitate the Department of Rural Development (DRD) team in the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the project activities.
  • 116 Community facilitators were recruited and trained to assist villages and village tracts in preparing plans that capture community-identified development priorities. Community committees feel empowered and continue to express their needs in local planning.
  • 72 Technical facilitators were recruited and trained to assist village-level committees in technical design, cost estimation, social safeguards, construction management and supervision. Communities show a more professionalised approach to implementation and maintenance of infra projects



Case study: Electricity in Ta Kun Taing village for a more resilient community


In 2020, the 1492 villagers of Paung Township prioritised a project for all households to get connected to the national electricity grid, that would stimulate economic growth and making the community more resilient. Household lighting enabled children to study and read in the evening. The project also installed street lights offering safety during the evening and night hours, which is important for commuters in the evening and early mornings. Women have started income generating activities including tailoring, food processing, cooking for intra-village markets or raising pigs in the evening after working in the fields.
At the same time, access to information through television, radio, mobile phone and internet play a crucial role in people’s access to the world so that they are more prepared, sustainable and resilient. Hence, electricity not only brings light to the house and to the village streets – it brings light into the world.